About Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery

Our Founder and Owner

Adam Kerr, founder and president of Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery, is a Virginia-certified horticulturist. He is a member of the Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association, and is both a certified arborist and a member of the International Arborists Society. He formed Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery in 2003 and officially launched the company as a full-time business in 2007. 

Adam absolutely believes, “Life is better lived outdoors.”


Adam pursued his life-long interest in landscape design and horticulture at both Northern Virginia Community College and Catawba College in Salisbury, NC, earning his bachelor’s degree from Catawba in 2002. Adam's formal horticultural training is ongoing—he just passed the International Arborists Society's 2012 certification exam.

“Theoretical” vs. “Doing”

During his full-time apprenticeship with Schadler—from 2002 through 2007—Adam bypassed the “theoretical” phase of instruction and jumped head-on into the “doing” phase.

He learned to:
  • correctly collect, cut and lay native stones and lay bricks.
  • work with scale and proportion.
  • understand the aesthetics of a hardscape construction project and seamlessly integrate one into the surrounding natural landscape.
  • grow, hand-dig and transplant trees.
  • operate heavy machinery expertly and safely, while respecting a customer’s property in the process.
  • properly nurture and maintain diverse landscapes.
  • hire, cross-train and manage a crew so each member is always “working” not “waiting”—and integrate his crew into a seamlessly functioning unit.
  • design, install, and maintain his unique landscape creations.


Concurrently, Adam acquired planting rights to 10 acres of land in Rappahannock County—and created the “nursery” element of Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery.  On this site, he meticulously cultivates top-quality shrubs and trees—which are available for customer viewing and purchase, by appointment.

Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery Evolves

Though not evident at the beginning—it is very clear looking back—that throughout this period of continuous education, apprenticeship, and hands-on experience, Adam had laid the groundwork for, and then created, what is now Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery. 

Our Crew

Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery’s crew members are:

  • your friends, neighbors and customers . . . all native Virginians, who live in either Fauquier County or Rappahannock County, Virginia.
  • a mixture of young and seasoned workers.
  • permanent full-time employees—not seasonal hires. Our customers interact with the same crew throughout their project’s life.
  • educated, trained, and experienced in the horticulture, landscape, or construction fields, or in all three disciplines.
  • well-mannered, congenial, and efficient, whether working independently or as a skilled unit.
  • meticulous about our customers’ properties. Our crew leaves nothing behind or out of place, carefully disposing of clippings and other natural debris.

Our Community

Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery is part of our customers’ communities.  When you hire Rappahannock Landscape & Nursery the money you invest in our services, and that we reinvest in our crew and business, generates income for our local economy.

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